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An artist's portrait of Vo Nguyen Giap

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What do we know about Vo Nguyen Giap's early years before he joined Ho Chi Minh to rid his beloved country of the Japanese and later the French and the Americans?

What do we know about his family and his beloved country of Vietnam?

This book is not only about Vietnam's great general but also about his beloved country, Vietnam. This book does not focus on Giap's great military accomplishments but rather on the culture that produced on of the most important leaders of the all time. This book begins with Giap's birth in central Vietnam in 1911, and concludes in northern Vietnam with Giap joining Ho Chi Minh to fight against the Japanese occupation of their country.

Through the use of poetry and artworks by Vietnamese writers and artists, hoping to paint you a picture of how and why the Vietnamese were able to accomplish the seemingly impossible, what inspired them and made them believe the could defeat a far better equipped military force, and why they never gave uup in spite of overwhelming odds against them.

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