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English For Thermal Engineering

Nhà xuất bản:  Đại học Quốc gia TP. HCM

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Giá gốc: 35.000 đ

Giá bán: 11.900 đ

Số trang:  152

Ebook:  7,76 MB (PDF)

Nowadays, with the developing of science and technology, the thermal engineering plays an essential role in the industry and life. Thermal techniques are widely applied in the fields of cooling, heating, freezing, renewable energy etc. In addition, most updated knowledge in this area is in English, so if students hunger for knowledge, they must enhance their English in general and technical English in particular.

Foreseeing this matter, as well as the urgent demand to provide a standard textbook for students of the Department of Heat and Refrigeration Technology - HCMC University of Technical Education, the authors have synthesized the most basic knowledge of reading and writing English to write a textbook with a title being English for Thermal Engineering. This textbook is utilized for students who are in the Department of Heat and Refrigeration Technology and for the concerning-technical staffs.

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