The making of Doi Moi - The new economic policy of VietNam

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"Without Doi Moi, there is only way to go: backwards. That is not acceptable to the people of Vietnam which we ourselves also cannot accept. This book was written by Vietnamese economist Nguyen Xuan Oanh who got Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University. For a long period he worked as former Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet's consultant. Nguyen Xuan Oanh had to writings reached members of the Central Government at that time. Those writings had influenced official thinking on economic development and led to Resolution No.6 in 1986 which abolished bureaucratic management of the economy in favor of a market economy under socialism. In this book he described how Doi Moi came into being, how it has worked, and some of the tasks that remain in the effort to improve Vietnam's growth performance. The book is divided into two separate parts. Part one covers the economic performance of socialist Northern Vietnam from 1954 through 1975 when Northern and Southern Vietnam were unified in 1976. Part two focusses on further economic reforms in various sectors that are needed to assure sustainable growth and development in the years ahead."

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