• The sky does not have to be blue -

The sky does not have to be blue

Nhà xuất bản:  Trẻ

Đánh giá:    

Giá gốc: 36.000 đ (giảm 25%)

Giá bán: 17.000 đ

Số trang:  214

Khổ sách:  12x20 cm

Trọng lượng sách giấy:  220 gram (Bìa mềm)

Ebook:  2,93 MB (PDF)

Ly Qui Trung, founder of Pho 24, shares his experiences and lessons learned on his way to make Pho 24 popular, after he left this chains of pho 24 stores. Writing honestly and frankly, his story really appeals. Readers will find interesting stories related to his childhood, his study in Australia, difficulties when opening pho 24 and how he overcame and made it, his family... These things will be helpful lessons for young entrepreneurs, helpful experiences for foreigners who want to do business in Vietnam.

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