ISBN:  978-604-1-15022-5

Nhà xuất bản:  Trẻ (09/2019)

Đánh giá:    

Sách giấy: 135.000 đ

Số trang:  102

Khổ sách:  13x20 cm

Trọng lượng:  120 gram (Bìa mềm)

Perfect and strict in form... Kind of wistful images of how fate or chance knocks man to the ground.

Stefan Jonsson, a Swedish critic

Endless field is a tale of Mekong Delta natives, marking Nguyễn Ngọc Tư's perceptive insight and sympathy for farmers (and people in general). Love, revenge, nostalgia, regret, and exposure of dark corners of souls permeate the whole story, the characters being thus more real.

Endless field, made into the 2010 film titled The Floating Lives, has already been translated and published in Korea, China, France, Germany, and Sweden, where it has received much praise.

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